Sunday, May 31, 2015

Camino: May 30

We began building our mileage today, and it actually felt shorter than our "short days!" We went over two mountains, but it was a gradual climb so not bad at all. We got a glimpse of the ocean while we were on the mountain as well. It was, of course, so beautiful!

We arrived at the albergue very early, around noon! This was great because we beat the heat and had time to spend with the other pilgrims here. We had to wait for the albergue to officially open so time was passed by popping blisters (the second picture is my disgusting food), dancing, and taking naps
Alissa and I also went to the supermarket to buy our lunch for tomorrow. It's amazing how much yummy food you can get for so little euros!! (We didn't actually buy ice cream though.)

Our devotion tonight was about silence and solitude on the Camino. Lydia did a great job challenging us with ways we can take advantage of the time we have while we are here. 

The Germans cooked us dinner tonight and it was INCREDIBLE. I forgot to take a picture so you'll just have to trust me. Cucumber salad, potato salad, and pasta with goat cheese. Yum.

We finished the night off with a few games of UNO. It is a very popular way to close out the night apparently. 

So now we try to fall asleep to the melodies of snores. Good luck. Tomorrow we will do even more mileage than today. However, it will be a slow-pace day in preparation for our long day on Monday!

Please pray:
A man in our albergue from Cyprus-he has an extremely high fever, has been throwing up, and also has terrible blisters. He will go to the hospital in the morning. 
Ursula (one of our German friends) had to go to the hospital today for her leg pain. It has been very bad and they gave her and anti-inflammatory shot. ("Fun fact"...pilgrims get treated for free along the Camino as long as you show your passport. Hopefully we won't have to use that.)
Everyone's soreness and blisters, etc.
That we take advantage of our last 3 days on the Camino!

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