Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Camino: May 31

Today we left Pontevedra and headed for Caldas de Reis. The scenery was absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed our first day with clouds in the sky! 

Alissa and I walked and talked with a man named Mark. He is from Germany, but is well immersed in many languages and cultures. We can tell that you guys are praying for us. The conversation was amazing. From the impressions Americans make across the world, to gaining wisdom from movies, to searching for true religion and relationship...it was amazing. He is a fast walker and we didn't realize how much our feet hurt until we parted ways. 

From there, it became a very hard day physically. We were both done before we reached our destination. This led to singing Disney songs in the forest...anything to keep us laughing and moving. We finished the walking part of our day with ice cream because what better way to made a bad day better?!

We stayed at a boarding school run by nuns. Abel knows people there so we had that connection. ((However, I could've passed on the freezing cold shower...but a good reminder of the things we count as "normal.")) 
Our group has grown to about 24 people. It's fantastic. We are loving being able to continue to be in relationship with the same people throughout the whole Camino. 

We went out to dinner at a restaurant Abel also has connections at (are you seeing a pattern?), and it was fantastic. We did all tapas, which basically means we got smaller amounts of MANY things. Alissa and I passed on most of it because we prefer to eat things that don't have tentacles, but it was a great experience. Afterwards, we got churros from a street vendor that were AMAZING. We did team devotions and headed to bed. 

Please pray:
Emotional, spiritual, and physical strength. 
Hannah-she went to the hospital (urgent care) for her sun poisoning. They gave her meds hopefully it will clear up soon!
Continued conversation as we only have a few days left together. 

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