Thursday, June 4, 2015

Camino: June 3

Today was a relatively uneventful day. We woke up and headed to a cafe before catching our bus to Porto. All the German girls stayed with us last night and came to see us off. Saying goodbye to them was so hard. They are great. We had to say goodbye to Kim and Ursula first. They are taking a bus to Finisterra before returning home. Then Birgid and Steph (pictured below) went to another cafe with us before departing. 

While at the bus station, we ended up finding two single pilgrims who needed a place to stay in Porto. We gathered them up with us and brought them to Abel's place. The Camino truly never ends. It's so fun. We arrived at the Refugio and just relaxed for the entire afternoon. The volunteers here made a wonderful dinner and now we are all heading to bed. Tomorrow we will be able to somewhat take our time before catching our plane at noon (we will arrive in Newark at 3:05pm US time).

Please pray:
Everyone traveling
The plane home will be on time (I need to get home asap because my brother Zach graduates at 7pm!)
Transition between all time zones

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