Saturday, May 30, 2015

Camino: May 29

I can't believe we are halfway done with our hiking days! It's so strange because the minutes and hours seem long but the days fly by. Today was a short day of hiking, under 9 miles. Sue hiked with Alissa and I all day, and it was fantastic. We had great conversation and it is amazing how the Camino brings people and opportunities together. Thankfully we arrived in the city just in time, because the albergue only had 35 beds. Only about 5-6 people were allowed in after us. 

While we were hiking today, we saw lots of new people. One of those groups was a large Italian family traveling together. They were all trying to get a picture so I offered to take it. Instead, they had Alissa, Sue, and I join in. To make a long story short, we are now friends with them. We also found out that the dad is the very loud snorer. Haha. Tonight, Lenny volunteered Alissa and I to help them make a large dinner. At 6, we met in the common area to go shopping with them at the market. Let me tell is very entertaining to go places with people you can't understand...AT ALL. Lots of hand gestures and laughing. We were cooking for over 20 people tonight so our cart was very full. We couldn't carry the bags so we had to push the cart back through the town to the albergue. It was hilarious. 

Alissa and I had a blast trying to figure out what we should do in the kitchen. The meal took a bit longer than expected because there was only 1 pot to make everything in and we ate around 9:20pm. "Family meals" are one of my absolute favorite parts of the Camino. Food is something that brings strangers together for a good time. 

So tonight we are resting in the beautiful town of Redondela before waking 12 miles to Pontevedra tomorrow. Our mileage will begin to build up to our long day on Monday!

Please pray:
Friendships that are forming
Healthy, minimum-blistered bodies
Good rest

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